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How to cope with deadlines



Coping with deadlines is not always easy - especially when you get handed assignment after assignment, along with reading and other tasks (whilst also trying to have a social life)! It is only natural to worry and stress over university deadlines, you want to get that assignment in on time and you want to get a good grade, right?!

So how do you go about coping with deadlines? Here are some tips on how to cope with the stress of dreaded deadlines! 

Start early 

It is easy to put off starting assignments but starting early means you can get drafts done way before the due date which means you will have time to go back and proofread it and alter it if need be. 


Planning is key. Write down a to-do list of your assignments along with their due dates and prioritise the assignments which are due first. Once you have done this, assign tasks and set goals, such as reaching a certain word count.

Find your study place

Everyone has a different preference on where they like to study. For some they study best at the library, at university, at home, in a café. Finding your study place is important so that you can focus on doing your work to your best ability.

Write something

This sounds obvious but when you are struggling to start an assignment, writing down something even slightly relevant to the assignment can help your mind to start thinking of ideas about how to go about starting the assignment properly.


It’s all about balance. Whilst it is important to study hard and put the work in, taking breaks is important because it allows your brain to have a slight rest! Allow time for yourself to avoid unnecessary stress, it will not help you write that essay any easier!


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