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How to bond with your new flatmates


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A friend of mine moved to university recently, and when asked how it was going on her first day, said, “all my flatmates are friends, I don’t know what to say to them”. It wasn’t that her flatmates had known each other before uni, they had just bonded. It can take a lot of courage to get out there and chat to your flatmates, but in the end, you’ll all be living together so you might as well get on with each other.

Here’s some tips on how to bond with your new flatmates!

Better early than late

It can be easy to sit in your room for the first few days and not see your flatmates. But waiting for the courage to get out there will make it even more difficult to get out there. On the first day that you move in, you should go and chat to your flatmates, even just for 5 minutes, to show a friendly face and get to know them. They’ll probably be the first friends you make at uni, so it’s important to get to know them as soon as you can.

Offer to make a cuppa

A simple gesture such as making a coffee or tea can spark a conversation with your flatmates. Ask questions to get to know them; where do they come from, do they have any siblings, have they been on holiday recently? There’s nothing worse than an awkward silence, so these conversation starters will help you get to know your flatmates.

Go to Freshers' events

Freshers' is one of the highlights of university life; whether you're a Fresher or not (there’s something for everyone!). Plan to go to Freshers' events with your flatmates, find similar interests and meet new people together. It’s the first step to making a group of friends throughout university.

Make a group outing

You and your flatmates might not know the town that you’ve moved to very well, so it’s worth getting to know it with people. Take an afternoon to explore your new area, find the good shops, tourist attractions, parks and whatever else you might find interesting.

Your flatmates don’t have to be your best friends at university, but it’s worth getting to know them and getting on with them. It will certainly make life a lot easier! What are your tips? Comment below.

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