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How to be eco-friendly



It’s National Environment Day, so I've compiled a couple of tips on how to be an eco-friendly student. It’s surprising how easy it is!

Getting around

The University of Suffolk is a perfect location for a student to be eco-friendly. We’re just a 15 minute walk from the station and a 10 minute walk to town, so there’s no need to drive. When you do need to go further, there are good bus and train links around.

You might have also seen the green Urbo bikes around campus; that’s a great way to get some exercise and also reduce your carbon footprint. Download the app, unlock a bike, and get cycling for just 50p for 30 minutes!


Some of us living in student halls find it all too easy to chuck our tins, bottles and jars in the bin. But just being conscious of what we’re throwing away can do all the more to help the environment.

Having a separate recycling bin will help you to recycle what you can. Also, check that you’re putting your rubbish around the University into the right bin; recycling bins are right next to the waste bins!

Second-hand books

You might have seen book stalls around the Waterfront building sometimes, but have you ever had a look? Instead of buying a new book, save paper by buying second-hand books from students and book stalls.

It will be in just as good condition, and you’ll end up saving so much money over your time at uni.

Paperless notes

A lot of us have our own laptops that we use for our assignments. Why not also use them to take notes in class? By going paperless, you’ll be saving trees and keeping organised, by having a central place for all you notes. Just don’t forget to back it up!

There are also apps you can use to take notes or record your lectures, like Evernote or OneNote.

Reusable cups

We have a lot of water fountains around the University, so why not fill up a reusable water bottle, rather than using the plastic cups? You’ll be saving a lot of plastic from going to waste. And we all know that coffee is part of a student’s normal diet, but use a resalable coffee cup at the same time. Imagine the waste if you used a throwaway cup every day!

These are just a few ways that you can be more eco-friendly while you’re a student. There’s loads of ways around the University, and we hope that there will be more to come!

Comment below with how you do your bit for the environment.

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