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How are we using open badges

What are Mozilla open badges?

A badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill or quality you have gained. An open badge is an online method of managing these of achievements. They make it easy for you to display the things youve learnt and the skills youve gained. You manage your badges through your Mozilla Backpack.

The following video is an excellent overview of what is a badge, and why you might start using them (we recommend you start watching from 1 minute)

For more information on Mozilla Open Badges, see:

How are we using them at the University of Suffolk?

The initial pilot involved Elevate Team (now the Digital Learning Team) at UCS (now University of Suffolk) creating an Open Badge Generator to enable us to pilot the creation and issuing for a number of events and workshops.

Our key requirement is for the person attending the event or workshop to be able to claim their badge, they must make a reflective statement on how they will apply the ideas from the session to their work or study.

This initial pilot has led to the design of a new Digital Strategy incorporating a new Gamification infrastructure

If you have any questions, or wish more information on Open Badges contact the Digital Learning Team within the Department of Learning Services.

Why is it good to have one?

They are an excellent way evidencing your CPD activity. For instance, the UCS AMC Development Day Badge (May 2014) or the UCS Learning and Teaching Day Badge (June 2014) provides the evidence you have attended the event, and have reflected on how the theme of the day can be applied to your work and learning.

This can be included within your Mozilla Backpack which you can embed and share. The badge has a permanent link to the event information and criteria which evidences what you did and achieve. An example is the badge awarded to the Facilitator of the RefWorks Workshop.

Next your next steps

  1. Create your Mozilla Backpack
  2. Register for an event at UCS which is supported by Badges

University of Suffolk Issuer Badge Catalogue

One day events & workshops

  • Dept Arts Health & Safety (November, 2014)
  • AMC Development Day (23rd May, 2014)
  • UCS Learning and Teaching Day (13th June, 2014)

Workshops (Learning Services): 2014/15

  • In Curriculum Study Skills: Dance

Workshops (Learning Services): 2013/14

  • e-Portfolios for the reflective learner workshop (F-2-F & Online)
  • RefWorks workshop (F-2-F & Online)
  • Objective Testing workshop (F-2-F & Online)

Facilitator Recognition: Digital Literacy Courses: 2013/14

  • e-Portfolios for the reflective learner workshop (F-2-F & Online)
  • RefWorks workshop (F-2-F & Online)
  • Objective Testing (F-2-F & Online)
External Events
  • Heads of e-Learning Forums (2014/15)