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During these strange times and periods of fluctuating weather it is so important to take time for ourselves and to relax, and one thing that can help aide this is by enjoying some of our favourite comfort foods! So today I am sharing my suggestions of some home comfort foods that are guaranteed to warm you up and put a smile on your face.


A classic student staple and warming dish is chilli! Chilli is one of my favourite dishes to cook as I love spicy food but I often have to adapt the spice levels when cooking for my family who are not as keen! The best part of chilli is you don’t have to follow a set recipe, instead you can simply use the vegetables that you have in the back of your cupboard, throw in a little (or a lot) of spice depending on your personal preference and you are good to go.


Pasta is another classic comfort food and can be easily customised to suit your mood and what flavours that you fancy. There are so many different types of pasta and sauces that you can experiment with but I find that it is most comforting covered in tomato sauce and gooey cheese!

Crumble & Custard

Who doesn’t love a good heart-warming dessert! For me, a traditional English crumble and custard is an essential source of comfort not only when the weather is slighter cooler but whenever I am in the mood for a tasty warming dessert. This is also an easy dish to make yourself and is especially fun when using ingredients that you have grown yourself, so why not set yourself a challenge to grow your own crumble filling (I love using rhubarb myself!)


I think most people have an old toastie maker in the back of their cupboards collecting dust. Toastie makers are often fun to use for a while but can then be forgotten about, but this is not only an easy snack to make but can be super comforting too as you can fill it whatever takes your fancy!

Stew / Casserole

A bit like chilli, making a stew or casserole is super easy and so comforting. It can be thrown together last minute with any ingredients that you have and is also a healthier choice from my picks as it is filled with tasty veg but masked by gravy which is the best and a great source of comfort in itself (in my opinion!)

What are your go to comfort foods? Let us know in the comments!

Image by miss____violett from Pixabay 

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