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History Alumni Group

The History Alumni Group has been developed, by History graduates, to bring former History graduates together, to share experiences, research and continue the sense of community that those studying History at the University of Suffolk have.

We are currently small but looking to grow with new intakes of graduates, those that want to network, reminisce, research history, debate and continue being part of the University's history community.

We are aware that graduates are incredibly busy so will not be putting extensive additional pressure on their time. If you choose to join the group you can attend our monthly meetings, usually held on the last Thursday of the month, or may just receive the odd email about what we are up to from time to time.

We want the group to be fun and relevant to history graduates and would love you to get involved. We hope in the future to consider organising relevant lectures, information evenings, a reunion or group celebration for example. We will take direction from our members on what you would want to get out of the group.

Please get in contact with the key members, Andy Parker or Tessa Barker. You can contact the group by emailing if you would like to be involved.