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Heritage Futures Research Seminar. No Exit: Heritage signs and the Ministry of Works


Heritage Signage

Ministry of Works heritage sign at Brough Castle.

Professor David Gill

No Exit: Heritage Signs and the Ministry of Works

Wednesday 9 November 2016, 4.30 p.m.: Waterfront Building, Boardroom

The ruined remains of Roman forts, castles and abbey can be confusing places for the visitor. The Ministry of Works commissioned the Royal Label Factory to create a series of signs to assist the visitor and to interpret the features. These range from roadside directions boards, to path side arrows at more remote locations. Internal features were marked to assist the visitor to locate themselves on the printed plans in the official site handbooks ('The Blue Guides'): chapel, warming room, dorter and reredorter. These signs were sometimes expanded to include some interpretative material. Other signs directed visitors to other facilities: custodian's office, toilets, and car-parking. The surviving signs are a reminder of the determination to make heritage sites in state  guardianship accessible to the public.