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Health Voices

Health Voices is a group of individuals with lived experience and knowledge of health care services and are embedded in health care education at the University of Suffolk.

Health Voices help to address issues and experiences within health care services, ensuring that real-life concerns are at the heart of healthcare education, the group are involved in the creation, planning, delivery and evaluation of many activities across the university. 

The University of Suffolk are keen to explore the interests and aspirations of individuals, to ensure that health care students and qualified professionals studying at the university place those they are caring for and working with at the centre of everything they do.  Health Voices bring a wealth of experiences and knowledge to health care education, and their contribution is highly valued by students, course teams and placement providers.  

As a member of Health Voices, you are able to contribute to many activities, such as the following: 

  • interviews
  • teaching and learning sessions
  • participating in meetings
  • developing learning materials, creating videos and written resources
  • sessions around Equality and Diversity

Admissions interviews

Health Voices are represented at admissions interview panels, alongside the course teams.  They form part of the decision making around the suitability of the applicant. 

Contributing to teaching and learning activities

This can be in small groups or large conferences, speaking about personal experiences of health care, and providing feedback around what worked well and what could have been improved.  Sharing these experiences with students is particularly useful, as it allows them to shape their practice, based on understanding and values. 

Assessing students' skills and knowledge 

Examples of this are where service participants observe and/or take a part in a student role play and provide feedback to the student. Students really appreciate this immediate feedback.

Developing learning materials and influencing the curriculum

Learning materials, such as case studies or top tips which are informed by people’s experience and knowledge make education more vital and engaging. Health Voices are involved in shaping the teaching materials and delivery as well as advising the course teams on potential changes. 

Taking part in decision making forums

Health voices are able to be involved in Student Voice Forums, where students, course teams and practice partners have the opportunity to share feedback and have a voice. 

For further information, please contact: 

Dr Ruth M Strudwick,  DProf MSc BSc(Hons) CTCert PGCE SFHEA
Associate Professor
Head of Allied Health Professions
School of Health & Sports Sciences