Health and Wellbeing Quarter



The University will be opening its new Health and Wellbeing Building in early 2022, a space on campus dedicated to the promotion of integrated care among our student body, practice partners and the wider community.

Formerly known as the East Building, the new building will house two floors of brand-new clinical simulation facilities, featuring two state-of-the-art hospital wards, a midwifery birthing unit, a new sports and exercise facility, a working radiography imaging suite, counselling/physiotherapy clinic rooms and the Suffolk Institute of Health and Wellbeing research.

Students joining us in 2022 will be among the first to have access to this brand-new facility.

The Integrated Care Academy (ICA) will form part of the Health and Wellbeing Quarter. For more on the ICA please click here.


Credit: Cube Studios Ltd

Integrated Care Academy

ICA perspective

Established to support the changing needs of health and social care, and to help sustain and develop joined-up services for the health and wellbeing of our population.