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Have you started thinking about Student Finance and Funding?

27 Mar 2020 1:30PM


If you are starting a course this year then you need to make sure that you have researched the support that might be available to you and made an application to Student Finance England.

The Student Finance pages on our website have a breadth of information about the various types of financial support available to students at university, such as potential eligibility for tuition fee loans, maintenance loans, maintenance grants and bursaries.

· Information for UK/EU Undergraduate students can be found here.

· Students outside of the UK/EU may be classed as an overseas fee-payer; more information can be found in the International Fee Payers section.

· If you are starting a Postgraduate course, then there is lots of information in the Postgraduate Students section for you to consider your funding options.

· If you will be studying part-time then your tuition fees will be calculated differently; more guidance can be found in the Part Time section.

· Don’t forget that the University offers a number of bursaries and scholarships to students each year, details of which can be found on the Bursaries and Scholarships page. · Further support can be found on our website through Money Advice and Blackbullion – use the code SUFFOKREADY to access ‘money ready for uni’ information

If you have questions about the repayment of loans or eligibility for funding for your degree, please refer to the Student Finance England website for clarification.

You are also welcome to contact the Infozone on 01473 338833 or – we are here to help and to make your transition to Higher Education as smooth as possible!