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Graduate School

We have a thriving research student cohort at the University of Suffolk and our Graduate School pride themselves on offering first class support to all PhD students and applicants. Whilst our Postgraduate Research Student community is continuously growing, the Graduate School continue to manage each student like the individual they are.

All of our students have access to a comprehensive Researcher Development Programme, accessible to all University of Suffolk PhD students and early career researchers. Training will primarily be available online and will provide you with an excellent series of workshops to cover wide-ranging topics relevant to you and your PhD. 

The Graduate School also organises a number of social and training events throughout the year, where interaction between researchers of different academic disciplines is encouraged, to foster a vibrant and supportive research community.  We gather feedback each year and adapt the training programme accordingly to ensure we are always working to meet the needs of our students. 

The physical Graduate School space, available exclusively to PhD students and their supervisors, was refurbished in 2018 to ensure it remains effective in meeting the needs of our student population. Additions and changes are frequently made to the space following student requests and feedback. 

Don't just take our word for it, see what some of our current PhD students have to say by clicking on the case studies box at the bottom of this page.

If you could like to get in touch with the Graduate School then please contact the Graduate School Coordinator, Katrina Hedley, at

For further information regarding admissions please see the Research Degree Applications page.

We have a number of fantastic PhD Supervisors at the University of Suffolk.

If your application is supported, following initial submission, then we will match you with a suitable supervisory team prior to the interview stage. You are welcome to contact PhD Supervisors directly, in order to discuss your research idea, however all applications are handled by the Graduate School. 

All of our approved Primary and Second Supervisors can be found below, listed within their academic school.

To view their staff profile, just click on their name below the relevant school. 

School of Engineering, Arts, Science and Technology

Approved Primary Supervisors

Professor Mohamed Abdel-Maguid

Currently Primary Supervisor to:

Frank Carver Ahmed Jawarneh
Aaron Tietjen Asraful Khan

Currently Second Supervisor to:

Robert Wade John Nicholson
Bradley Gardiner Antonio Gualtieri
Steven Harris Mohammad Sobur


Professor Nicholas Caldwell

Currently Primary Supervisor to:

John Nicholson Robert Wade
Mohammad Sobur Steven Harris

Currently Second Supervisor to:

Frank Carver
Peter Gudde


Professor Nic Bury

Currently Primary Supervisor to:

Violeta Negrea Andy Wright
Vanessa Ward Rónán Tynan
Maxine McNaughton Peter Gudde


Dr Federica Masieri

Currently Second Supervisor to:

Vanessa Ward


Dr Christopher Turner


Approved Second Supervisors

Dr Laith Al-Jobouri

Currently Second Supervisor to: Mohammad Sobur

Dr Suha Al-Naimi

Dr Mark Bowler

Currently Second Supervisor to: Maxine McNaughton

Dr Jane Black

Currently Second Supervisor to: Aaron Tietjen

Dr Fandi Ibrahim

Dr Liana Psarologaki

Dr Aida Rajic

Currently Second Supervisor to: Rónán Tynan


School of Health and Sport Science

Approved Primary Supervisors

Dr Marco Beato

Currently Primary Supervisor to:

Mark Armitage Antonio Gualtieri
Lucia Figal-Gomez  


Approved Second Supervisors

Dr Gavin Devereux

Currently Second Supervisor to: Andy Wright, Bradley Gardiner, Mark Armitage

Dr Ruth Strudwick

Currently Associate Supervisor to: Keith Hotchkiss

School of Social Science and Humanities

Approved Primary Supervisors

Dr Isabella Boyce

Currently Primary Supervisor to:

Liz Jones Colin Boyd


Dr Sarah Richards

Currently Primary Supervisor to:

Maureen Garratt Anna Max
Kate Sida-Nicholls  


Dr Lisa Wade

Currently Primary Supervisor to:

Vivienne Aldous Maurice Brenner
Andrew Lock Anne McGee


Dr Jane Watt

Professor John Pitts


Approved Second Supervisors

Dr Jenny Amos

Dr Paul Andell

Currently Second Supervisor to: Liz Jones, Colin Boyd, Granville Sutton

Dr Allison Boggis

Currently Second Supervisor to: Maureen Garratt

Dr Antonella Castelvedere

Dr Cristian Dogaru

Currently Second Supervisor to: Lucy Faller-Mead, Violeta Negrea, Alison Taylor

Dr Clare Gartland

Currently Second Supervisor to: Karen Hinton, Kate Sida-Nicholls, Violeta Negrea

Dr Manos Georgiadis

Currently Second Supervisor to: Jennifer Coe, Naomi Simons

Dr Peter Hall

Dr Alexander Latinjak

Currently Second Supervisor to: Lucia Figal-Gomez, Philip Solomon-Turay

Dr Wendy Lecluyse

Currently Associate Supervisor to: Lucia Figal-Gomez

Dr Ferran Marsa Sambola

Currently Second Supervisor to: Gayle Overton

Dr Harvey Osborne

Currently Second Supervisor to: Vivienne Aldous, Maurice Brenner, Andrew Lock, Anne McGee

Suffolk Business School

Approved Primary Supervisors

Dr Daba Chowdhury

Currently Primary Supervisor to:

Rahaman Hasan Joseph Paul Jr

Currently Second Supervisor to:

Ahmed Jawarneh Asraful Khan


Dr Will Thomas

Currently Second Supervisor to:

Joseph Paul Jr William Mellamphy


Dr Tom Vine

Currently Primary Supervisor to:

Laura Messer Christopher Tregedeon-Weedon
William Mellamphy  

Currently Second Supervisor to:

James Parslow-Williams Keith Hotchkiss
Denny Omoregie  


Suffolk Institute for Social and Economic Research (SiSER)

Approved Primary Supervisors

Professor Emma Bond

Currently Primary Supervisor to:

Tegan Locke Granville Sutton
Vanessa Rawlings Lucy Faller-Mead
Katie Tyrrell Emma Harvey
Carolyn Leader Dianne Belcher-Hackett
Fiona Ellis  

Currently Second Supervisor to:

Laura Messer Heather Hunt


Professor Penny Cavenagh

Currently Primary Supervisor to:

Heather Hunt Jennifer Coe
James Parslow-Williams Alison Taylor
Keith Hotchkiss Denny Omoregie
Naomi Simons Philip Solomon-Turay
Gayle Overton Lucia Aguilar-Gomez


Approved Second Supervisor:

Professor Andy Phippen

Currently Second Supervisor to: Katie Tyrrell, Emma Harvey, Carolyn Leader, Dianne Belcher-Hackett, Fiona Ellis

PhD Student Case Studies

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