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Graduate School

The Graduate School has been formed to support our academic Faculties with the recruitment, student experience and skills development of all our postgraduate research students.

A key function of the Graduate School is to deliver personal and professional skills training to all of our researchers. Research students enjoy access to the Researcher Development Programme an excellent series of events and workshops which are all mapped against the VITAE Research Development Framework (RDF). Through this training, interaction between researchers of different academic disciplines is encouraged to create and foster a vibrant and supportive research community. 

The Graduate School space is a dedicated area on the fourth floor of the Waterfront Building and is used by PGR students as a social and learning space. The area is also used to deliver some of the Graduate School seminars and workshops.

Postgraduate Research Applications

The University of Suffolk is able to enrol students on postgraduate research degrees in any of the following areas:

  • Health and Biological Sciences
  • Computer Science and Informatics
  • Social Policy (including Social Work, Business Management, Heritage and Education)
  • History
  • Sport and Exercise Science
  • English
  • Sustainability

All students will need to register at University of East Anglia, and also enrol here.

The Graduate School sits within the office for Research and Enterprise Services and provides support to academic colleagues and prospective students with the application process and throughout the student's studies here. Part of this job involves coordinating the processes required when a student wishes to apply for a postgraduate research degree.


Stage 1: Initial Enquiry Form

The FileInitial Enquiry Form allows us to collect some basic information about the prospective student including a short outline of their proposed area of study.  Fileadmissions guidance


Stage 2: Full Application

The full Microsoft Office document iconPGR Application Form includes a research proposal containing a more complete outline of the thesis topic. 


Stage 3: Research Proposal

The research proposal should be a document of approximately 1000 words. This will be circulated to members of the School working in your area of interest and is an extremely important part of your application as it will help to identify whether the University has a supervisor who may be suitable. Your research proposal should include:

• working title

• summary of the aims and objectives of your research

• an outline of the ways you will meet these aims and objectives, referring to research methods and specific resources you will use

• evidence of your awareness of relevant literature and theoretical approaches

Once all three documents are completed and returned to the applicant may then be asked to attend an interview (the panel should consist of at least two academics, one of whom must be the proposed primary supervisor). The next stage of application will be discussed with the applicant at the interveiew. 


For further information regarding admissions please go to the Research Degree Applications page.


Framework of Compliance for Postgraduate Research Students on UKVI Tier 4

This framework is designed to be used for all international research degree students registered at the University of Suffolk who require a Tier 4 visa. Tier 4 is the main visa route used by International postgraduate research students (those from outside the EU/EEA) to study in the UK.