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The University of Suffolk is bound to act in accordance with its Articles of Association which define the University's structure and the way in which the University is governed by the Board of Directors. Reporting to the Board of Directors, formal decision-making within the University is conducted through academic and executive governance structures.

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University of Suffolk Board

The responsibilities of the Board of Directors include the determination of the educational character, mission and corporate plans of the University and for oversight of its activities, including ensuring the effective and efficient use of resources.

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University of Suffolk Executive Team

The executive governance structure is designed to ensure the effective organisation, direction and management of the University, including the effective deployment of resources. The University Executive supports the Vice-Chancellor in the execution of his/her responsibilities as defined in the Articles of Association.


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Senate is where the University’s core academic business is discussed.

Our Policies

Learning Services

There are a number of policies and reports in operation to ensure the smooth and effective running of the University.

Our Committees

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The annual calendar of committee meetings is scheduled to ensure that there is a smooth flow of business between the major academic and executive committees.