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Getting into the uni Christmas spirit



Christmas can be an expensive time of year, especially for us students. You might not want to buy a Christmas tree or lots of decorations, but there are lots of ways to get into the Christmas spirit while living at uni!

Secret Santa

Buying gifts for all your friends can be difficult (and expensive) so doing something like Secret Santa can be a great option instead. Agree on a price limit as well, so that no one spends more than others. You could even try a competition; how many things can you buy with £5.

Christmas meal

Sometime towards the end of the semester, have a Christmas meal with your flatmates. If everyone chips in, you could even get a decent Christmas dinner made (but don’t set off any fire alarms!). You could even make a day of it, with games, drinks and gifts. Christmas comes early!

Advent calendars

You’re never too old for an advent calendar! Count down the days to Christmas yourself, or share one with your flatmates. A chocolate is always the best way to start the day!

Have a night out

Whether you prefer a party or a pantomime, find something to do on a night out. There’s loads of different things to do around Christmas, so take a look at what might be going on around Ipswich over Christmas. There’s sure to be something to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Decorate your flat

I know I said it can be expensive to decorate your flat at Christmas, but maybe as a flat you could spend £5 each on some cheap decorations for your shared space. A bit of tinsel and a mini Christmas tree would make all the difference to getting everyone feeling a bit more festive.


Whether you’re going home for Christmas or staying at uni, there will be a chance to enjoy the time with your friends, course mates and flatmates. Spend an evening or a day together decorating, going out, or watching a movie to get into that Christmas spirit (even around deadlines).

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