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Getting Started with IT

Technology to Buy

If you are considering purchasing a computer (laptop or desktop PC) for use whilst studying you may wish to take a look at IT Services Buying a Laptop Guide for advice on what to consider when buying a computer.

Free Microsoft Office

Once you have enrolled as a University of Suffolk student you are entitled to download five free copies of the latest Microsoft Office package for your personal computer and mobile devices.

Software to Use/Install

Once you are enrolled as a University of Suffolk student you are able to download the following software for use on your personal device:

  • IBM SPSS 23
  • Atlas Ti v7
  • Autodesk

You can view what software is available on PCs/Macs at the University of Suffolk Ipswich campus here.


Other Useful Information is an online video tutorial service that the University of Suffolk provides for all staff and students. The website contains thousands of courses and videos from learning more about Adobe In-Design to how to master the basics of photography and other subjects such as 3D + Animation and CAD. There are also courses on how to use specific applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Illustrator and hundreds more. More information can be found here.

University of Suffolk Emails

Once you start your course the main form of communication with you will be via your University of Suffolk email account. It is a requirement of your enrolment that you commit to regularly checking your university email to ensure you don’t miss important updates and information. You should check emails at least once a week.

To make keeping up to date as easy as possible, IT Services have produced a guide to setting up your University of Suffolk email account on your mobile phone/personal device.

Keeping Secure

Keeping your personal device secure is an important aspect of maintaining your devices health and longevity as well as your own personal safety. To keep you and your belongings secure IT Services has created a list of recommended free software to protect you from malicious software.

Technology Guides

IT Services have produced a set of guides to assist you in learning more about your tablet and/or smartphone. Whether it be adding email accounts to your device or how to set it up for the first time; you can find this information here.

All students are provided with an IT induction session when they start their course which will help you get to grips with everything IT related, including navigating our intranet, MySuffolk.

To access further IT related information please visit the IT Services pages at

When do I get my ID Card?

Once your University of Suffolk account is active, and we’ve received your photo, we’ll issue your ID Card.

Your ID Card has a number of purposes, including:

  • Accessing controlled doors on campus
  • Using the MFDs/Printers across the Ipswich Campus
  • Loaning books and resources from the Library

It’s important to carry your ID Card with you at all times whilst on Campus.