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Getting ready for the new semester



Pretty soon it’ll be time to start off the new semester. It’s been nice to have a holiday though. But while we enjoy the last few days of the holiday, it’s probably time to think about starting off the next semester right. Here’s a few things you can do to get ready for the next term.

Reflect on last year

What made you fall behind last year? So what can you change to do better this year? You’ll be getting your feedback on your assignments, so take a look at that to see what you can do better this year.

Your reflections might not even be academic. Maybe you want to drink less, make more friends, organise your time better. Make your goals personal to you, and more importantly, make them achievable.

Get everything you need now

It’s around this time that your reading lists will be released, so make sure you get yourself prepared for any new modules you’re taking. Have you got enough pens, notebooks, and highlighters. It’s good to be prepared; you don’t want to be the only one who has no idea what’s going on!

Clean up your study space

It’s a new semester, so you don’t need all your scribbles of paper from last term around your desk. Think about what you can throw out, what you need to keep, and where you can put it. Don’t keep everything from last year; it makes it so easy to lose the things you need this year.

Find something new to try

The new semester is a great opportunity to find something new. Whether it’s a new sport or society, a new recipe or hobby, it’s going to be something unrelated to your studies that you can enjoy. At social sports and societies, you’ll make new friends and there’s plenty to get involved with. Click here to find out more.


Being prepared for the new semester, and making sure you’re going to enjoy it is the first step to success. Don’t leave it all to the last minute (that’s one piece of advice all of us could use!).

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