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Getting to Know Your SU: Engineering, Arts, Science and Technology Officer Interview 


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Rose was elected as the new EAST Officer in March and is really looking forward to getting started in her new role. I also caught up with her to find out what she has planned for the year and how she felt running for the role. 

What made you run for the post?

I really wanted a challenge and I knew that both campaigning and if I got the role would provide just that! I regretted not putting myself forward the previous year also so I knew that I would be annoyed with myself if I didn’t push myself to apply this year!

How did you find election week?

Election week was one of the most tiring but rewarding weeks of my uni experience so far! Every day was jam-packed with handing out flyers, talking to students and even visiting lecture theatres to promote yourself and your manifesto! The SU were so supportive throughout the week and their daily breakfast briefing sessions were the best not only because we got free food and coffee but because we could catch up with the other candidates and have a laugh for a bit before we set off campaigning for the day.

What have you got planned for this year?

My main aim for this year is to reduce wasted resources and in doing so save students’ money and focus on sustainability. To achieve this I want to review the amount of printing we produce as a school and reduce any unnecessary waste which will save both time and money. I also want to introduce a budget for students where printing is mandatory for their course which will hopefully help alleviate money stresses for students!

What are you most excited for this year?

I am very excited to be pushed out of my comfort zone and meet lots of new people (hopefully in person but if not via Zoom!) and help make a difference to the student experience.

How did you feel when you found out you had won?

I was super happy and excited that my hard work throughout the week had paid off! It was a lovely moment to share with my friends as well who had come along to cheer me on.

How can your cohort get in touch with you? 

I can be contacted via my Officer Email or through my Officer Facebook Page @SU.eastofficer

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