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Funded Internships

An internship can be a great way to work with a student or recent graduate who can provide vital support to your business for a specific project where their recent knowledge can help bring new ideas and a fresh perspective. 

We have students and graduates from a huge range of subject areas - take a look at our schools and departments page to find out more. Here are just a few examples of the types of activities that lend themselves well to internships.  

  • Graphic design support for the creation of new graphics for brochures, website or social media
  • Marketing students to help put together new campaign plans
  • Creative Writing students to work on copywriting tasks
  • Business / Economics students to help with analysis
  • Desktop research - particularly where connected with the student/graduate's area of study. 

Plus, by getting to know an intern, you can see how that role works within your business before making a longer term or permanent commitment.  

We are offering a limited number of internships which are 100% funded by University of Suffolk and cover an intern working within a business for approximately 15 days over a period of roughly up to 6 weeks.

Internships can be flexible, and can be offered to both students and graduates. The intern is expected to work within the business rather than remotely (although if Covid restrictions are tightened, this may need to be reviewed).