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Freshers' 2019



It’s all very exciting at the moment! The Freshers' line-up has been announced and it looks like it will be a great start to the year for both new and returning students.

Freshers' Week will start with a Welcome BBQ on 15 September, which will be your first chance to meet new people and your SU team. If you’re new, go along with your flatmates who will want to meet new people just as much as you.

Although there will be some great nights out, that’s not all there will be. The Students' Union have put together activities such as go karting on 23 September and mindfulness sessions on the 24 September. I’m really looking forward to the afternoon tea at Ipswich Town Hall, which will give you more of a chance to get to know people from outside of your course and in other year groups.

Last year, the SU also hosted a comedy night which was really popular. This year, it will be happening again at Venue 77 on the 25 September. You may be in your first week of lectures, so that will be a great way to wind down and let off some steam. On Fridays, you can also enjoy 25% off at Escape Ipswich.

On the 17 September, the famous Freshers' Fair will be taking place. The first thing you will think of is “freebies!” and you’re right. There will be loads of free stuff! But there’s also lots of opportunities to get to know the sports clubs and societies of the University, meet people from the Students Union and look out for local businesses and charities that you can get involved with. If you’re looking to get involved with some sports, go along to Wildcard Wednesday social sports on 18 September to take a look at what social sports is like (no competition, but lots of fun).

Of course, there will be lots of nights out to enjoy. There will be a ball pit party at Unit 17 and a silent disco. And as every year, Barcoda will be taking place on 26 September. Barcoda is the biggest bar crawl, hosted by the Students' Union, and is really the place to meet people. You’ll visit some of the best bars in Ipswich and end it all at Unit 17 for the biggest party of Freshers' Week.

Take a look at the SU website for more information on events taking place throughout Freshers'.

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