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Four fitness tips


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Almost everyone will have in their New Year’s resolutions that they want to “get fit” or “do more exercise”. These can be pretty vague resolutions, so it’s easy not to stick to them or give up completely. We came up with some tips to stick to your routine and stay motivated throughout January to stay on top of your health and fitness.

Don’t expect too much from yourself

If you’ve done barely any exercise for a year, don’t think that you can run 5km (trust me, I’ve been there). Start slow and push yourself each time to get better and improve yourself. An easy hour workout in your room every day is enough to get you going (and you won’t have to face the winter cold!). Remember to take breaks and reward yourself.

Join a group

Exercising in a group is much more likely to keep you motivated than exercising on your own and the competition will help you to push yourself to be better. Whether it’s a gym group or an SU social sport session, it’s also a great way to make new friends and get fit.

Find something you enjoy

There’s nothing more likely to de-motivate you than doing an exercise routine you hate. So if you hate the early morning runs, find something else. You might prefer a different sport or exercising at a different time, so find out what works best for you, and stick with that.

Keep track of your progress

A great way to motivate you to carry on getting fit is to track your progress. Track how long you can hold a plank for, how far you can run, or how many push ups you can do. All of this will help you to continue pushing yourself and improve. You might feel that you can’t see the effects of your exercise, but you will do if you keep track of how you’re doing.


Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay 

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