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Foundation Week - Integrated Care Academy

Foundation Week – how it went

The Integrated Care Academy (ICA) launched at the end of May 2021 with a week of co-produced online events exploring and debating integrated care. 800 participants in 22 events contributed enthusiastically to taster training sessions and showcases presented by the ICA and people from across the health and care system. Discussion topics were wide-ranging, some touching people in personal ways, as well as promoting our thinking about how we support and improve integrated care.

For a full list of the events that took place during Foundation Week, please click here.

The breadth of topics covered highlighted the scale and complexity of integrated care. Of interest, four dominant themes emerged across the discussions:

1. The importance of compassion in care for better outcomes
2. The need for cultural change and consistency of this in every part of the system
3. Access to meaningful data and information for professionals and people
4. The challenge of identifying and meeting unreported needs.