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Foundation Board

The charitable Foundation Board has been established to help develop and grow our philanthropic activity.

The work of the Foundation Board and the Alumni Relations and Development team enable us to make transformational financial contributions to our students, staff and facilities.

It is a vehicle to co-ordinate the raising of philanthropic funds for the University. Helping to open doors and persuade new donors - individuals, business sponsors and charitable trusts - to give generously to us.

"What greater legacy can there be for the county than the establishment of our own university? Important to young and old alike it is a privilege and a pleasure to have an ongoing involvement"
~ Neil Watts Founding Supporter and Member of the Foundation Board. 

The aim of the Foundation Board is to support the institution with identifying, soliciting and acquiring philanthropic gifts. As well as helping to raise the profile of the University of Suffolk. 

The long term objectives of the Foundation Board are:

  • To achieve a continued and sustained stream of philanthropic gifts
  • To grow the number and range of regular donors
  • To grow a culture of giving across the institution
  • To encourage alumni to give
  • To successfully apply to Trusts and Foundations for funds
  • To identify, build relationships with and acquire gifts from targeted corporates 
  • To extend the number and range of patrons for the institution, raising its profile



Foundation Board Annual Fund

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