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Forthcoming Exhibitions

Nature Studies

12 March - 20 April


"To Have risked so much in our efforts to mold nature to our satisfaction and yet to have failed in achieving our goal would indeed be the final irony." Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

These works are part of a feverish search to find the iconic moments and reimagined tipping points for the human footprint on the natural world. In selecting the source material of steel engravings, I see how we sought solace, science, and romantic illusions in our quest for understanding nature. As a curious artist, I gauged my own complicity, my own desire as I looked to the images of animals and glorious landscape. These form a forward, a kind of prelude to what has come to be known as the Anthropocene era. One is at a loss to point to any single event, but perhaps it is like pages from some history book floating wholly from the sky, resulting from some catastrophic fire.  Aside from any sense of reason, some things burn, some things don't.


Kim Anno





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