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Final Term Survival Guide


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Emilia, Class of 2021

The end of the academic year is fast approaching, and this can be a time of mixed emotions. The prospect of the future can be daunting, here are some small steps you can take to help alleviate the feelings of unease.  

What if I don’t get the grade I want? 

  • I’m sure you have heard it before, but I can confirm you are unlikely to ever be asked what grade you achieved. The outside world is unlikely to ever be concerned about the grade you achieved. However, the main concern is how you feel about yourself in this situation. Take the time to process but also take time to consider what else you achieved during your time at university, it is far more than an academic process. You learnt so much more than your chosen subject. So many of these skills are transferable to employment as well, and employees look for well-rounded individuals who have a work/life balance. 

Where will I live? 

  • This was one of my biggest concerns approaching the end of term in my final year, and I’m sure is for many others. My biggest advice in this area would be to stay open minded, you may have to accept that moving back home is the most practical option, or you may have a job in a new place offered last minute that is an excellent career move for you. Hope for the best and plan for the worst. Especially in the cost-of-living crisis, situations can change quicky and something you originally thought feasible may become impossible. Properties are also taken on and off the market incredibly quickly, be vigilant and flexible. 

Where will I find a job?  

  • Again, jobs are very hit and miss post-graduation. Mostly for a short time you will have a smaller job to sustain finances unrelated to your field of study. However there is lots of support offered to help graduates find work. You can access help and advice from UOS as a graduate in this area and many companies run graduate entry schemes as you have much to offer. Keeping this self confidence that you will find something and that you have much to offer the right employer is essential, it is an infuriating time, but it will get better, hard work and patience will pay off. 

When will I see my friends?  

  • It is unlikely that you and all your friends will be living in such proximity to each other as you did at university post-graduation. As a “proper” adult, staying in touch with friends takes scheduling, all of you will be tackling all the issues mentioned above independently, time is tight. However, spending time with friends and talking to people in the same situation as yourself is grounding and very much needed in this tumultuous season. With social media at our disposal, a quick message to check in with someone can make a lot of difference, if meeting in person is proving difficult.  

I hope these tips were realistic and reassuring that you will indeed survive and make it out the other side. Hang in there, you have got this, bright futures lie ahead! 

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