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February Fitness Challenge


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February can be such a cold, boring month where we still feel those mid-winter blues while we wait for spring to come. There are already some signs of spring; I saw some daffodils starting to appear which brightened up my day.

To make the month a bit more exciting, how about setting yourself some fitness goals. Not only will it make the month go by quicker, it will also be great for your wellbeing in what can be quite a difficult time of year for a lot of us. Here’s some of the things you can try.

Social sports programme

A really easy way to get started on doing more exercise is by joining in on one of the social sports classes. There are all sorts that you can try for all abilities so there will definitely be something that you’re interested in. They’re only £1 a session for staff and students so it’s worth a try. Bring some friends along or meet new ones there. You can also join the Active Wellbeing programme that will give you 6 free sports sessions to boost your wellbeing. 

Couch to 5k

Couch to 5k is a great, free NHS tool to help you get more active in just 9 weeks. It’s an encouraging app that gradually builds up your fitness to improve your overall wellbeing. It’s great to use alongside the How are You quiz to work out how you can improve your physical wellbeing. 

Workout videos

It can be difficult to get outside in this cold weather so that can be the thing to make you lose your motivation. Get a workout video on YouTube to start a fitness routine from your bedroom. It’s great to start small and work your way to bigger routines. This way, you can stay in the comfort of your home and still challenge yourself to be more active.


Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay 

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