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Faculties and Departments

Academic Faculties and Professional Services

Academic teaching at the University is based around two academic Faculties which work inclusively across the Learning Network. The two Faculties are split into seven Departments, each with its own personality and ethos that is reflected in its portfolio of courses.

The institution also employs staff within its Professional Services Departments, providing support to, and working alongside, academic colleagues.

Faculty of Arts, Business and Applied Social Science

We operate within a culture which is collegiate, where everyone is empowered to succeed. We engage in the effective production, transfer and dissemination of knowledge.

Faculty of Health, Science and Technology

University of Suffolk - Department of Nursing Studies

Work-based learning is an integral aspect of all our programmes; we have strong partnership links across the NHS, private, statutory and voluntary sectors.

Professional Services Departments

University of Suffolk on Ipswich Waterfront

The Professional Services Departments work closely with academic colleagues and the Students' Union to ensure the smooth running of the institution.