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External Relations

Interim Director of Marketing and Student Recruitment

John Cavani

PA to the Director of Marketing and Student Recruitment - Karen Davis


Marketing, Communications and Events

  • Vacancy, Interim Head of Marketing and Communications
  • Neil Martin, Website Project Manager
  • Jason Eghan, Events Manager
  • Nicki Dixon, Interim Communications Manager
  • Simon Smith, Marketing Manager
  • Claire Thomas, Digital Operations Manager 
  • Sam Bloom, Events and Conferencing Officer
  • Natasha Sones, Web and Digital Content Officer
  • Katie Holliday, Web and Digital Content Officer 
  • Jake Greenacre, Interim Communications Officer
  • Lorraine Cutting, Marketing Officer (Brand and Publications) (maternity leave)
  • Carole Creasey - Marketing Officer (Brand and Publications)
  • Karen Davis, Marketing Officer (Brand and Publications) (maternity cover secondment)
  • Emma Best - Interim Brand and Publications Coordinator
  • David Meecham - Web and Marketing Assistant
  • Correy Abbott, Graphic Designer
  • Terrie Cornwell-Dunnett, Digital Operations Assistant
  • Diane Barber, Events and Conferencing Assistant


Student Recruitment, Schools Liaison, Access and Market Development

  • Karen Hinton, Head of Student Recruitment & Market Development
  • Vacancy, Market Development Officer

Student Recruitment

Schools Liaison




  • Holly Bowen,  Admissions Manager (maternity leave)
  • Ellie Beattie,  Admissions Manager (maternity cover)
  • Jon Ward, Admissions Officer
  • Dinah Cowan,  Admissions Officer
  • Alice Calver,  Admissions Officer (maternity leave)
  • Tazkia Alom,  Admissions Adviser (maternity leave)
  • Becky Holifield, Admissions Adviser
  • Abigail Dunnett, Admissions Adviser
  • Maggie Powell, Admissions Adviser
  • Anna Ward, Admissions Adviser


International and EU Recruitment

  • Chris Garrett, Head of International Recruitment 
  • Mike Macias, International Recruitment Manager
  • Jessica Garrity, International Officer