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Everything you need to know about move in day



If it’s your first time at student accommodation, you might not be sure about what to expect. As a person who’s entering their third year in student halls, I can give you some do’s and don’ts about move in day. However, my biggest piece of advice is just be yourself!

Do be sociable

University is the best time to be sociable, and move in day is when first impressions really count. Prop your door open and say hello to your flatmates. Have a chat with everyone about what course they’re doing and find out a little bit about them. Cooking my first meal was when I got to know my flatmates; we were all in the kitchen making our own food, but we could talk together at the same time and really get to know each other.

Join in when your flatmates ask you if you want to do a movie night or go to Freshers' Fair together. It doesn’t mean that you have to stick with your flatmates forever, but you will be living with them for a year, so it’s best if you get on well.

Do keep it light

Remember that you’re meeting these people for the first time, so keep your conversation to where they’re from, their hobbies, or favourite TV shows. Nobody wants a discussion on who should be cleaning when and your list of house rules!

Do be considerate

Not everyone is going to be a party animal and some people might be a bit more shy than you. Keep that in mind when you bring course friends over or come back late at night. It means no tension the next day with your flatmates asking you to keep the noise down.

Don’t leave people out

Going back to some flatmates being more shy than others, encourage your flatmates to join in. Invite them to movie nights or to the bar or whatever you choose to do. Often it’s just that they need a little bit of encouragement, and you could make all the difference in making their university experience enjoyable.

Do be creative

Your room is your own and you can do lots with it. Decorate it to make it your own, and even do something with the kitchen with your flatmates. Be creative; it’s the place where you will come home from lectures and want to relax and be able to study in.

Click here for some of our ideas to make your room more homely.

Don’t bring everything

My luggage size halved in my second year after I realised that I didn’t need half the things I brought to uni in my first year. Really think about what you need, for example, wait until your meet your flatmates before you buy a kettle or toaster, otherwise you're going to have a lot of spares if everyone brings one!

Have a look here at our checklist.

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