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EU Scholarships and Travel Bursary

EU Scholarship 2021/22

Following the UK’s departure from the EU, from 2021/22 EU students will no longer be entitled to financial support from Student Finance England. To support EU students through this transition, the University of Suffolk is offering an EU Scholarship of up to £4,590 (pro rata for part-time students), this will provide financial support in the absence of tuition fee loans.

Irish nationals

Due to reciprocal agreements under the Common Travel Area arrangement, England has confirmed that funding and immigration status changes coming into place for EU students from 2021 do not apply to Irish nationals living in the UK and Ireland. If you are planning to join us as a new student from August 2021, you are therefore likely to be classified as a 'Home' student for tuition fee purposes, as long as you meet the general conditions. In addition, you are likely to be eligible for a tuition fee loan through Student Finance England and are, therefore, not eligible for this scholarship.  

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the EU scholarship 2021/22, you must meet all the criteria below.

•    Be a new student to the University of Suffolk in academic year 2021/22, starting in the first year of your course
•    Be new to Higher Education and not transferring from another UK institution
•    Be studying full-time or part-time on an Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree, paying full overseas tuition fees
•    You must have a nationality of “EEA countries / Switzerland” and your nationality is verified by the University of Suffolk
•    You must ordinarily be resident outside of the UK 
•    Be in continued attendance on the course on which you enrolled at the date of payment. 
•    If a student withdraws or intercalates, the scheme criteria will not have been met and the award will only be applied to the time period your study at the University of Suffolk. 
•    There will be no backdated payment
•    Apprenticeship, CPD and SCITT courses are not eligible for this scholarship

Further Information

This scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other scholarships offered by the University of Suffolk.

All students with meeting the above criteria will automatically be considered for EU Scholarship. There is no to application to be made.

Successful applicants will receive a scholarship of up to £4,590 (pro-rata for part time students) each year for the duration of your course. Scholarship amounts will vary depending on the course you are studying on, but the intention is to bring your tuition fee in line with the fee paid by UK students.

Scholarships will not be paid to you directly. The scholarship will be shown as a credit on your account at each academic year to reduce the amount of fee due. If you are granted the scholarship after invoicing has already occurred, the scholarship will be credited to your account and a statement will be issued with your outstanding fee balance. 

In the unlikely event of a change of nationality which may result in the fees being paid by Student Finance, we will refund the overpayment of fees to you directly. Please note you will be required to provide UK bank account details. Any refunds to a non-UK bank account will incur an administrative charge of £20. This administrative charge will be deducted from the refunds due.

If any of the above criteria set by the University of Suffolk is changed, the scholarship will be reassessed and potentially withdrawn.

For full bursary and scholarship information please visit MySuffolk.

If you have any queries, please contact

The scholarship runs from 1 August 2021 to 31 July 2022.

EU Travel Bursary 

We also offer separate EU travel bursaries to help cover the costs of  re-location from your home country to the UK. This is offered at a value of up to 200 euros. For more information and to apply, EU travel bursary 

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EU Travel Bursary

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