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Enrolment and Induction Explained

Take a look at the sections below to find out about enrolment and induction, what they are and everything you need to know ready for the start of your course. 

Information on travel and parking


All students are required to complete their enrolment in preparation for the beginning of their studies. The enrolment process takes place online. It is very important that you complete this process promptly as during completion of this form you will select the modules you will study in the first year (all courses have core modules and some also have elective modules for you to choose from), you will also confirm to us how your fees will be paid.

To avoid the queues and save time on your first day we ask students to complete the enrolment process before arrival. You will need to have your Applicant Area login details to hand (e.g. S123456 and 01Jan90).

Please note you can only enrol when you have been advised by the Admissions Team that your enrolment is ready to complete. This could be anytime from mid June and depends on the status of your application. Please do not worry if you do not receive your enrolment letter and email at the same time as others.

To complete your enrolment form all you need to do is click on the ‘Complete Online Enrolment’ link available in My Application. This will take you directly to the start of your enrolment form. If you experience any difficulties during the completion of your enrolment please refer to the Help button at the bottom of each page.

Once you have submitted your online enrolment you will receive confirmation via email. Upon completion you may experience a slight delay in accessing MySuffolk and Learn following enrolment.  This is quite normal and usually lasts up to 48 hours, which allows all our systems to be updated with your individual information.  It is your responsibility to keep the Admissions Team informed should any of your details change after this point.

After you have enrolled your status will change and you will also be given access to MySuffolk which is the University of Suffolk intranet and student area. To access MySuffolk you can click the login link in the bottom right hand corner of the University of Suffolk website and use the same login details.

If you do not have access to a PC or tablet at home you are welcome to drop in to the Infozone to complete your enrolment.  The Infozone is open during normal office hours and our advisors will support you in completing the enrolment form. You can also contact the Infozone on 01473 338833 or email

What is Induction?

Induction is the first few weeks of your course. When you arrive in a new place or start a new job you need to become familiar with your new surroundings, whether it be people or places. This is the idea behind our Induction sessions.  As you are starting a new course, we want you to feel positive and excited about your study, we want you to have confidence in knowing where to go for support and advice and most importantly, meet your fellow students. Induction is also the start of your learning journey and you will be asked to consider your expectations of Higher Education, your course team, and most importantly yourself. You’ll be given the chance to think about the opportunities you have, challenges you might face and what success means for you.

When is Induction?

Induction begins before you even walk through the door at our campus. You will find lots of information in the Getting Started section of Applicant Area to help in your preparations. Taking a look at some of these resources in advance will give you the best possible start on your course i.e accessing Reading lists through the Learning Services website, you can also start to chat with your fellow students via the Discussion Area.

Most courses have a main Induction week and dates and times can also be found within the Induction Dates section.  It is important to check this information before you arrive. Further details on your Induction will be posted in the Welcome 2019 area during the summer,  so please do check here regularly. Please also check for the latest updates a few days before you are due to start your course. Dates and times may be subject to change, any updates to these will always be posted on the Induction Dates section.

It is important that you attend the Induction for your course. Induction is an important part of your course and if you cannot attend you should contact the Infozone so that arrangements for you to catch up can be made. 

What happens during Induction?

Induction takes places over a number of weeks during the start of your first Semester. During your first week there will be many activities going on, and you would not typically expect to have any teaching during this time. You will be given the opportunity to meet your Personal Tutor, attend various sessions to find out more about our university and join in with Union-led social events. You will be introduced to the modules you will be taking, and to information about the support available to assist you in your studies, information about the University of Suffolk Students' Union and tours of the campus.

Over the following few weeks you will then be introduced to Learning Services who will explain their services to you including; the library, accessing resources, their programme of workshops and additional support to help you with your study. 

Student Services will let you know about other support available to you and IT will be running sessions to help you get started on the basics like WiFi and printing.

Throughout the whole period there will be advisors on hand from our Infozone to support you and ensure you have everything in place for a smooth start. It is important that you attend all induction sessions in order to ensure you have all the information you need about studying here as a student.

When will I get my course timetable?

In many cases course timetables are available in advance of the start of the semester, you will find the timetables as they are released on individual course pages. If you have any specific enquiries about your course timetable please contact the Infozone.

What activities will University of Suffolk Students' Union be hosting during Induction?

Full details about the Union’s programme will be available nearer the time. The latest information about events the Union will be hosting will be available on the Union website