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Embarking on a new journey

13 MAY 2022 - KATE - ALUMNI


Cami, BA(Hons) Event and Tourism Management, Class of 2020

As a recent graduate, I have often encountered obstacles in balancing work and my personal activities. I have recently moved to Cambridge for the role that I have been offered, which meant leaving Ipswich where I spent three years as part of my course. For me, University of Suffolk was not just the place where I studied; it was where I created good friendships, made remarkable memories and grew as an individual.

Commuting to Cambridge was not the easiest option and moving here seemed the right thing to do, however being acquainted to the new surrounding had its rewards and challenges.

In my last three years, I focused majorly on my university life and potential future career and when it finally happened, I experienced loads of emotions. Getting a role in a university environment was my dream, and I was pleased when I finally made the change.

Here are some tips on how I managed to adjust to the new lifestyle:

  1. Got a gym membership.

As I was always, an active person in societies and student activities I missed being around people and interacting with others. Getting into physical activities, such as running and swimming improved my lifestyle and filled the free time I started to have all of a sudden.

  1. Became a volunteer.

During my studies, I have always managed to find time to volunteer in the community and when I finally familiarised myself with Cambridge I joined GirlGuiding, which helped massively as I started to interact with like-minded people, with similar views and values.

  1. Created new friendships with colleagues

Working in an office became my daily routine, and I realised that for me it is important to create connections with the people I work with. My work colleagues have been fabulous as we started organizing activities together, like playing badminton and tennis or going for a coffee.

Finishing my university journey I was a bit scared about the wide world that was waiting for me, however having experienced it for a while now it has been a new exciting journey. Getting involved in activities during my studies really helped me in discovering what I like and the path that I am on now it been showing me the results and benefits of attending university, not only from a professional point of view, but from a personal one as well.

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