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Dry January



Dry January is the month when people try to take a break from alcohol; be it because of too much drinking around Christmas, a New Year’s resolution, or just for a challenge. Whatever the reason, there’s loads of benefits to taking a break from alcohol, so here’s some of my favourites.

Better sleep

You might think that alcohol is the best thing to drink if you want to sleep, and although it can make you really sleepy, it’s not the best thing. That’s because it stops REM sleep, the deepest sleep of the cycle, and one that’s necessary for you to wake up feeling ready for the day.

Better bank balance

Just after Christmas, it feels like you need to save a little bit. Saving some money on drinking is a great way to do this, and you might be surprised with how much you can actually save!

Better overall health

You’ll be taking in fewer calories, your immune system will improve, it’ll boost your metabolism; need I say more? Even just taking a month’s break from alcohol will have great health benefits, and you’ll certainly notice the difference.

No hangovers!

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up every day of the month and not feel terrible? Without a hangover, you’ll feel have more energy, and you can spend your weekend doing something fun, not recovering from a night out. There won’t be any regrets the next day of who you might have texted and no embarrassing photos.

It’s an opportunity to find something new to do

You might be thinking, “sure, it sounds good, but what can I do with my time?” Instead of going out to the bar, go to the cinema, have a games night or try something new. Or even have an early night, and go out for the day on the weekend.


Even if you decide to go back to drinking in February, the break from alcohol will have had its benefits, and you’ll have reached a goal! Plus, that first drink will be something to look forward to.

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