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Domestic Abuse Research Network (DARNet)

Welcome to the Domestic Abuse Research Network (DARNet)

The Domestic Abuse (DA) Research Network has been created to support knowledge exchange events, enable practitioners and academics to connect with current issues and research on domestic abuse in the region. This has the potential to lead to collaborative research projects and funding from other sources in the future.  The aim of the network is to be inclusive, drawing on expertise in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge. The Suffolk Institute for Social and Economic Research (SISER) at the University of Suffolk is managing the Network.  

The DA Research Network has been financially supported by the University of Suffolk, Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk, and Suffolk County Council. 

Aims and Objectives: 

  • Identify and develop key research priorities/areas, and collaborative research partnerships. 

  • Share high quality local, national and international research at relevant domestic abuse boards in the region. 

  • Support the development of research and evaluation capacity for voluntary organisations and statutory agencies 

  • Support the creation of an active virtual network where relevant knowledge is regularly shared and discussed. 

The network is open to anyone interested in domestic abuse issues and intersecting areas. 

To join the mailing list, please email: 

Forthcoming Events

To book both or either of the above events, please click on this link:
Domestic Abuse Research Network Digest
Steering Group Members/ Academic Reference Group

Steering group members/academic reference group: 

  • Dr Olumide Adisa - University of Suffolk/DARNet Lead

  • Prof Emma Bond – University of Suffolk 

  • Dr Simon Kerss - Anglia Ruskin University

  • Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs - University of Suffolk /Surviving Economic Abuse 

  • Prof  Andy Phippen  - University of Suffolk/University of Plymouth 

  • Matt Bland – University of Suffolk/Cambridge Centre for Evidence Based Policing  

  • Katie Tyrrell - University of Suffolk

  • Prof Nigel South - University of Essex

  • Dr Ruth Weir – University of Essex 

  • Fiona Costello – University of Suffolk 

  • Liam Bannon - Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk 

  • Amanda Murr – Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk 

  • Prof. Eylem Atakav – University of East Anglia 

  • Glenn Robinson – Iceni, Ipswich 

  • Richard Baldwin - Suffolk County Council  

  • Keith Whitton – Anglia Care Trust 

  • Min Grob – Empower Suffolk

  • Fiona Ellis – University of Suffolk/ Survivors in Transition 

  • Aisha Howells - University of Suffolk 

  • Jo Bigger/Katherine Ahluwalia - Lighthouse Women's Aid

  • Heather Hunt - Bury St Edmunds Women's Aid


For more information and to support the Domestic Abuse Research Network, please contact the Network Lead:

Dr Olumide Adisa 


Tel:    (0)1473 338760