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Acoustic Suite Upgrade


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Acoustic Suite Upgrade
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Anechioic 1

The refurbishment of the anechoic and reverb chambers has been completed. 

Many thanks to the team at Quietstar, see: 

Anechoic Chambers

QuietStar completely stripped out and disposed of the existing foam wedges and steel ‘weldmesh’ grid support frames, speaker support frames, cable floor support system and corner floodlighting. These were replaced with new fire rated foam wedges and support frames, an acoustically transparent catch net below the old cable floor, new speaker support mounts, new door seals, new electrics and diffused lighting.

Following refurbishment, the full anechoic chamber was independently tested, and it was shown to have a cut-off frequency of 80Hz and a background noise level of 7dBA – suitable for sound power level measurements, free-field sound field audiometry and hearing protector testing.

Reverb Chamber

The main changes were to door seals and lighting, but we also repainted the ceiling, walls and floor to cosmetically bring the facility up to date with the other refurbishments.

Post refurbishment independent testing of the reverberation room found that the mean reverberation time (the time for a sound such as a hand-clap to die away by 60dB) was nine seconds. This long reverberation is due to the hard surfaces having very low absorption coefficients (<0.02). The equivalent sound absorption area in the empty room meets the requirements for sound absorption tests (ISO 354) and sound power testing (ISO 3741).

Also, thanks to Richard at IAD for his ongoing help and support. 

The facilities will be available once work in the adjacent offices and labs is complete.

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