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Digital Civility: Student Safety Online

What is Digital Civility?

Digital Civility refers to the interactions you have online, and includes interactions with others, online risks and safety online. So, are your interactions with others online civil, are you treated with respect, are they courteous and are your interactions without abuse and personal attacks (Microsoft, 2018)?

The Digital Civility project at the University of Suffolk is an innovative initiative that received funding through the HEFCE Catalyst fund. The University aims to increase digital civility, improve the online safety of students in relation to online abuse, harassment, and hate crime over the coming year, with the support of the University of Suffolk Student Union, Student Services and Suffolk Institute for Social and Economic Research. 

  • Over the year 2017/2018, the university will provide and promote various educational materials, media campaigns, workshops and seminars on several aspects of online risk, such as indecent images and revenge pornography, devised and led by experts in the field.
  • It is envisaged that adopting a whole university and community-led approach, as well as identifying ‘what works’ for our students, should enable a substantial improvement in student digital safety and wellbeing.

In addition to the Blurring Boundaries and Virtual Violence conferences, consisting of workshops and talks from various experts within the field of online safeguarding, we have held training workshops and seminars for both staff and students. These include responding to disclosures of online sexual abuse and reporting and removing indecent images online. Furthermore, discussion groups as well as awareness raising materials and educational resources have and will continue to be employed across the campus, the VLE and social media.


Upcoming News and Events

Digital Civility Survey!

We care about your experiences online. As a part of this project we are asking students to complete a digital civility survey so we can identify what yours and your family and or friends experiences are online in order to improve our response to student experiences of online harrassment and risk. 

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey by clicking here: Digital Civility Survey 2018 


 Have your Say! Digital Experience Discussions: 

Are you a student at the University of Suffolk? Fancy a chance to chat with your peers around your experiences, or your family and friends experiences online? Do you have an interest in or identify as part of the LGBTQ+, BME or Disability Communities specifically and would like to talk about online experiences? Join us, we would love to hear from you!

For more information and to sign up, click on the links below to the Eventbrite pages, alternatively email Katie Tyrrell on: 

(p.s. Includes Free Pizza and refreshments!

Digital Civility Discussions: Student Online Experiences (10th October) (2:00pm-3:00pm or 3:30-4:30pm, W311)

-  Digital Civility Discussions: LGBTQ+ Online Experiences (17th October) (2:00pm-3:00pm or 3:30-4:30pm, W311)

Digital Civility Discussions: BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Online Experiences (24th October) (2:00pm-3:00pm or 3:30-4:30pm, W311)

Digital Civility Discussions: Students with a Disability Online Experiences (31st October) (2:00pm-3:00pm or 3:30-4:30pm, W311)


October Online Campaign: #DigitalCivilityUni - Keep an eye out on the University of Suffolk, Student Union and SISER social media platforms for updates and resources!

Online Training Opportunities for UOS Students and Staff

Consent Matters Training (Staff and Students): 

Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence (Staff):

For both, simply register with your email address! 

If you have any issue accessing these courses, please contact Chantalle Hawley 



If you have any concerns you can talk to someone in Student Services in complete confidence by contacting, or if you have a safeguarding concern please contact