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Digital Ambassador Reflections


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I can’t believe it’s been two and a half years since I first began my job as Digital Ambassador. Time has flown and looking back, I’ve learnt so much and been able to get involved in so many more things than I could have imagined. The role has been much more broad than I first thought it was going to be and over time, I’ve been given more responsibilities and been able to grow my skills set. I’ve been able to reflect a bit on my time as a Digital Ambassador, so here’s really a sum up of what I would consider my favourite role at the University.

What I’ve learnt

As a Sociology student, I never expected to take a position in Marketing; it’s about as far away from what I’m studying as you can get! But I’ve learnt skills which have put me in a really good place when it comes to finding a full-time job after university. Teamwork, organisation, being clear in both my writing and my speech, as well as confidence. I’ve become so much more confident in voicing my ideas and opinions, working with people that I’ve never met before and learning new processes. That’s before all the more specific skills I’ve learnt such as web editing and improving my blogging skills.

Why I applied

The Digital Ambassador role was a really great opportunity to get involved in a new area of the University. I applied because I knew it would give me the opportunity to expand my skills, while being able to use them in areas of my study. A role at the University will always fit well with your studies as it will always take into account the fact that you are a student and sometimes have deadlines and more responsibilities, but it also allows you to see your work more widely such as in prospectuses, on social media and on Open Days. It feels really good to look at something and say “I did that” and be the reason why someone became interested in the University.

What I’ll take away

I’ve already talked a lot about the skills that I’ve learnt over my time as Digital Ambassador. I’ve also made so many connections which I’ve been able to use throughout my time at university, both in my role and as a student. They’ll also come in useful as I start my career. I’ll take away an experience that few students have been able to have and something that has been really unique to my student experience.

 Tips for any budding Digital Ambassadors 

If you’re thinking of applying to be a Digital Ambassador, I have a few tips for you. Think of some original ideas for a student blog (trust me, you run out of these very quickly!). Be confident in your abilities. Even though you may never have done anything like writing blogs or working on social media, you can still take the opportunity to learn, develop yourself and make the most of your student experience.




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