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Department of Art and Humanities taster sessions

Please use the University of Suffolk Contact for each taster session to discuss the content of the taster. All bookings should be made through the Student Recruitment team at or by calling 01473 338600.

Arts and Humanities Taster Sessions

English: Dark Origins: Adapting Classical Mythology

This interactive workshop invites students to question traditional subject boundaries for English by examining how some of the world’s oldest stories are adapted for contemporary audiences. Students will explore adaptations of a particular myth through a variety of media forms and debate the process of metamorphoses that ensures each myth’s survival. The session encourages students to develop analytical and communication skills while introducing them to the popular literary field of adaptation studies. 

Contact: Lindsey Scott,

Venue: University of Suffolk, Ipswich

Number of Students: 25

Length of session: Approx 2 hours

Year Groups: Years 12-13


Fashion and Textiles: Instant Couture

Experience fashion design using a range of every day items. Ever wondered what you could do with old carrier bags? Use them to create a garment directly onto a mannequin using carrier bags and pins!

University of Suffolk Contact: Caroline Reynolds –

Venue: University of Suffolk at Great Yarmouth

Number of students: 20

Length of session: 45mins

Year group: 11/12

Film: The Principles of Drama and the Ten Minute Short

Based on modules from the Digital Film Production and Screenwriting degrees, students will identify the key elements needed to write a piece of drama, and begin to understand the significance and format of the ten minute short film. This taster session is well suited to students who are interested in writing and directing short fiction films.

University of Suffolk Contact: Mark Edwards

Venue: University of Suffolk Ipswich

Maximum number of students: 20

Length of Session: 1.5hrs

Year Group: 12/13

Film: Creative use of Green Screen

This mini-workshop will provide basic training in combining different backgrounds and foregrounds using green screen, pre-existing backgrounds and location footage which will be shot on the day. Students will be introduced to the basics of lighting within the context of green screen production as well as practicing with DSLR cameras in order to consider the fundamentals of composition and perspective.

University of Suffolk Contact: Mark Edwards

Venue: University of Suffolk Ipswich

Maximum number of students: 20

Length of session: 1.5 hrs

Year Group: 12/13

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design course at the University of Suffolk is able to offer taster sessions to suit students currently studying and art or design discipline. Typically, these may cover topics such as typography, generating ideas, drawing for graphic design and illustration, book design, etc. All sessions give an insight into contemporary discussions about graphic design practice, and provide a taste of what studying the discipline at degree level may be like. Basic computer literacy may be required. Sessions are limited to staff and resource availability.

Contact: Nigel Ball, 

Venue: Ipswich

Maximum number of students: 15–20

Length of session: 1.5–2hrs

Year group: 12/13

History: Auschwitz and the Hoecker Album

This session will examine the photographic contents of the so called Hoecker Album (1944) in the context of the Auschwitz Extermination Camp. Students will explore issues relating to visual sources for historians and questions around the active role of otherwise recognisably humane and civilised European people in genocide.

University of Suffolk Contact: Dr Harvey Osborne,

Venue: University of Suffolk Ipswich 

Maximum number of students: 25

Length of session: 45 minutes

Year Group:10-13


The Creative Process and Preparation for Higher Education: Students will consider how to generate ideas and the research involved in informing image making. They will then find out more about studying Photography at degree level, with advice on interview techniques and portfolio editing. Students will have the opportunity to see the state-of-the-art photography facilities including the colour and black and white darkrooms. Taster sessions can be tailored dependent on school requests.

University of Suffolk Contact: Geoff Buono,

Venue: University of Suffolk Ipswich

Maximum number of students: 25

Length of session: 2-3 hours

Year Group: 12/13

Visual Media Production: Live Blue and Green Screen Compositing

In this workshop, students will be introduced to key aspects of visual media production, including visual perspective, combining moving and still imagery, and colour keying of background and foreground material to create realistic imagery. Students will be able to edit footage to include synchronised audio tracks, and then evaluate the impact on an audience.

University of Suffolk: Phil Bury,

Venue: University of Suffolk Great Yarmouth

Number of students: 20

Length of session: 2hrs

Year group: 12/13

  • All bookings should be made through the Student Recruitment team at or by calling 01473 338417.