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A day in the life of a Sociology student



All students at university come from different backgrounds, have different experiences, and get involved in different things. I chatted to Veronique, a second year Sociology student. Veronique decided to go back to education as a mature student and has been getting involved in lots of different things as a course rep and a Student Union intern.

What can a uni week look like for you?

It depends on what I’ve got on usually. So my standard week would be going to lectures and then I work around those with my social life, job, and writing essays depending on deadlines. I’ve got a lot of variety and I still have time to see my friends.

What are your seminars like?

I think my favourite seminars are the ones where we have discussions and it’s not just lecture slides. We have materials brought in and we can explore these materials ourselves on our phones and laptops. It gives it a bit more variety instead of just listening to a lecturer pointing at a slide.

What about your job? Can you balance it well with uni?

I work for the Student’s Union 8 hours a week and it’s very flexible, so I can do 4 hours one day and 4 hours another day. Working for the SU is amazing, there’s so many opportunities there, and I’ve learnt so many skills that I wouldn’t have learnt through university itself.

Do you think you have a different experience as a mature student?

I think so, because I’ve had to make certain sacrifices in order to go back to further education, like access courses. I think the access course really helped me because they focus a lot on academic skills.

Do you still get involved in lots of different things?

Being with the SU, I do a lot of activities. I helped out a lot with Freshers' week and Barcoda. Soon, I’ll be helping out with the Family Christmas Party which is on the 8 December. I think being involved with the SU has really helped me with extra stuff that’s going on. I’ve started going to pilates which is one of the social sports which I really enjoy and I’d really recommend it. It’s great value for money, it’s only £1. 

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