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A Day in the Life of a Photography Student



We’re getting to know a lot of the courses and students here at the University of Suffolk with our 'Day in the Life' series. Last week I caught up with Jess, a second year Photography student to find out a bit more about her course and how she’s finding it.

What is your typical uni week like?

So I have three different modules I work towards, one’s a technical based one, one’s about the history of photography and then a creative one where you have a lot of freedom to do your own thing. During the week, I might be in the library looking at books or out taking photos for my project or editing photos.  

Do you like having the freedom of doing what you want to do?

Yes and no. Sometimes you get a bit stuck for ideas, which is a pain if you have a deadline to meet, but you also get to experiment with different things. I’ve been able to try out loads of different cameras which I wouldn't have been able to try because a lot of other unis don’t have them.

How do you find the mix of creativity and theory?

I’d rather not have essays, because it’s a creative course, and sometimes it can be daunting. I’m not really that academic, but it’s good learning how to write those essays and to talk about your work.

Do you think your small class is a benefit to you?

100%, because we get more one on one time with our tutors, so sometimes we have just tutorial days. If it’s not really busy, you can spend like an hour with them talking about your work. It really does help, because we can do presentations on our work, and do group work. Once a semester, we put all our work up on the wall and the whole class goes through it and talks about our work.

It’s a lot easier not having so many people because you do get more help. The technicians also are happy to help any time, and will go over stuff with you in the studios if you need help going over something again.

What about the social side of uni?

I do badminton once a week and I’ve made new friends there. The SU events are pretty good as well, and the student nights in Revolution are great. There’s lots of other things like the film society that I go along to sometimes.

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