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A day in the life of an English Masters Student – Trip Edition!



What better way to spend December than a Christmas Creative Field Trip to London! On December 1st a group of us from the English BA and MA set off to London bright and early on a coach heading to the Barbican Centre to view Shilpa Gupta’s Sun at Night Exhibit.

The exhibit featured work from a variety of poets, all of whom were incarcerated when writing, exploring a creative response to the warping of time and space in confinement.

By far the most unnerving and immersive installation was For, In Your Tongue I Cannot Fit (2017-18) which was comprised of a series of microphones, metal spikes and pierced work from the incarcerated poets. The poems are read in fragments and played through the microphones meaning you are surrounded by the words and voices as you journey through the installation. It was both unsettling and a privilege to be able to hear the words of many who have been silenced in this exhibition and it was even better to be able to discuss our responses to the exhibit with one another afterwards.

We were then able to wander and collate our individual thoughts evoked by the work and words we had been immersed with – as well as getting some lunch in the meantime!

The weather in the afternoon took a slight turn as we continued to write and reflect on our time in London and before we knew it the coach arrived to take us back to the university.

The journey back was slightly longer than our one going but a good Christmas singalong was the perfect way to keep spirits high.

The trip was a great way to spend time together and have a break from the intensities of deadline season! A huge thank you again to the English Department for organising and I can’t wait for future trips.

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