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A Day in the Life of a BA English Literature: Creative Writing student


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Are you interested in our English courses but not sure what it entails? Well, you’re in luck. There just so happens to be a blogger who has just finished her first year as an English Literature: Creative Writing student… wait that’s me! I’m going to show you a day in the life of a BA English Literature: Creative Writing student.

During the pandemic, I was lucky enough to have a couple of months with some form of normalcy, for example I could go into the university campus and have my lectures inside. I will also try to add some routines I currently have with no COVID restrictions. Specifically, this blog will be based on my literature section of the course, Literary Criticism, where the language students also join the creative writers. You can find out more information on our website: Find your course | University of Suffolk (

It’s a frosty Monday morning, the world is silent waiting in anticipation of the day to come… I’m joking, but it is definitely a cold Monday morning in November.

8:30am: Wake up, get showered and dressed, just a basic morning routine. A typical outfit would be jeans, a hoodie and some trainers for comfort but if you want to wear a suit, go for it!

9:15am: Start making breakfast and read my pre-lecture notes (this is typically a refresher of the novel we are studying so I can go into the lecture with a good understanding).

9:30am: I will pack some snacks, water, the novel, a hard drive, my notes and I will check that my laptop is fully charged. If I have some time spare, I will try to make myself a coffee at home.

9:45am: Leave my accommodation with some other classmates and grab a coffee if I didn’t have time at home.

9:55am: Prepare for my lecture by setting up my notes and laptop.

10:00am-2:00pm: Lecture. Typically, we do have a few breaks as well to refresh our minds and replenish our bodies with snacks.

2:15pm: Go back to the accommodation and prepare lunch. Enjoy a break.

3:00pm: Go over my lecture notes and make sure they are clear and concise. (TOP TIP: don’t copy the presentation in the lecture, listen to the lecturer and write your own thoughts down so you can learn your strengths and weaknesses about the subject). Then I will check my emails.

4:00pm: Take another break.

4:45pm: Read something from the novel or reading list, or if that’s completed, take some time to work on my own novel or poetry. Writing is such an important habit to keep up.

5:15pm-9:00pm: Go to my part-time job for a 4-hour shift. Only take a job if you need it or can handle it. If you feel stressed financially, look for advice online to help!

9:15pm: Get home and eat dinner.

9:45pm: Go out for a couple of drinks with course mates or flatmates. OR I will spend time planning my essay for my assignment at the end of my course topic.

11pm: Get home and ready for bed.

11:30pm: Read a book or write in my journal. (TOP TIP: make a checklist for your next day’s tasks).


And that’s it! A day in my life as a BA English Literature: Creative Writing student. Always remember to prioritise your mental health, take a day off if you need it and feel free to chat with your lecturer if you have any concerns.

For more information about studying at the University of Suffolk check out our website or call us on 01473 338352 to find out more about applying to us through Clearing.

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