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During my time at university, I wanted to be able to work in order to be able to pay for the various costs associated with moving abroad. Having moved away from home, I needed to find a way to keep up with rent and utilities.

Finding a job wasn't easy for me as things were done differently here and I didn't have an understanding of what employers were really looking for in candidates. It was at that point that I have noticed that the university offered a Careers Guidance service that helps students like myself get hired. After trying multiple agencies and employers with no success, I have decided to contact them. I wasn't sure about what to expect initially - I was waiting in a room when one of the career's advisors came to discuss my current situation with me. They were really helpful in answering all my queries regarding working here and have provided me with useful tips I could use for my next interview. They have helped me 'rebrand' my CV and helped me understand the value of being able to market myself in the ever increasingly competitive world of employment. A few weeks later I have managed to secure my first job in the UK and I was really happy I finally had a source of income to fund my learning throughout my degree.

One thing that students should know about this service is that you don't need to be a complete beginner like me, you might have been employed for a number of years and even then the team would be more than happy to discuss with you various things such as how to approach your employer for a promotion or how to deal with work related problems.

They are a great team which are always happy and willing to help and they have greatly contributed to developing me into the person I am today, having secured a job with my dream employer after my graduation.