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Have you ever properly explored Ipswich? If you’re new to the area, get some idea of the town you’re living in with the Curious about Ipswich Walks. These self-guided walks take you around the most iconic areas of Ipswich and give you a bit of information about the new area that you’re living in. Ipswich is full of history, so why not give it a try?

I did two of the walks over a week, and these can be done separately or together, depending on how much time you have.

Marina to the Town Hall

This walk starts really close to the University and takes you along the waterfront, through town and the market to the Town Hall. The walk will take about an hour and a half and you’ll pass Ipswich Blackfriars founded in 1263 and other historic landmarks.

During the walk, you’ll also pass lots of little shops and cafes, so take a break and have a look around those. The downloadable guide will give you lots of information along the way, so even if you’ve been in Ipswich before, there’ll be lots for you to find out along the way.

Town Hall to Christchurch Park

This walk is slightly shorter than the first and will take you about an hour. Starting off from the Town Hall, you’ll make your way through the centre of town and up to Christchurch Park. You’ll find out about the Ipswich Institute and some of the many churches around Ipswich.

When you finish at Christchurch Park, why not have a look around the museum there or take a walk around the park? 


The Curious about Ipswich walks are a great way to spend an afternoon with your friends or family. Use it to get to know your flatmates or when your family is visiting. For those of you with kids, the guide comes with a quiz that’s perfect for the younger ones to find out a bit more about Ipswich.

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