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Course Costs - Social Work

University of Suffolk covers the costs of:

  • Examination Fees. However, you may be required to pay for a resit examination if you are scheduled for an exam and are absent without explanation
  • Interlibrary loans
  • Printing: Most assignments can be submitted online but not all. Students at our main campus in Ipswich will be credited with the equivalent of £10 printing/copying at the start of each year. If required, additional printing is charged per sheet via a prepay system
  • The first issue of your ID card although you will be charged £10 to replace a lost card

Costs to prepare for:

  • Reading Lists: All core texts are available in the campus Library as a short loan, as a reference copy or as an e-book. However many students will prefer to buy the core text for each module so should budget between £150 and £200 a year for books. Discounts are available in high street stores if you have an NUS Extra Card (search online for NUS Extra for more details.) Increasingly these are available electronically as well as in the library, or can be bought second hand from ex students or from outlets like Amazon
  • Students are charged for library materials that are not returned by the due date
  • Parking on Campus: Charges are £2 a day. On average, full-time students are on campus 4 days a week
  • Students will need to apply for and pay for (£44 each year) a DBS check before joining the course and each subsequent year of the course. It is a course requirement for students to subscribe to the DBS update service for £13 per year for the duration of your course
  • There may be some costs associated with the dissertation but this will depend on the research methods chosen