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Course Costs - Fine Art

University of Suffolk covers the costs of:

  • Examination fees
  • Interlibrary loans
  • Printing: Students at our main campus in Ipswich students will be credited with the equivalent of £10 printing/copying at the start of each year. If required, additional printing is charged per sheet via a prepay system.
  • The first issue of your ID card. However  you will be charged £10 to replace a lost card

Costs to prepare for:

  • Students should expect to pay around £150 in each year for visits to London etc. that contribute to assessed work.
  • Each year the Fine Art course runs a study visit to a non UK destination. The costs of these vary, but would typically be around £300 plus personal spending money.
  • Students have some coursework materials paid for in the first year. However the nature of the course demands a wide variety of outcomes and use of materials. These are difficult to quantify, but students could incur costs of up to about £250 per year for basic materials.
  • In the final year of the course students are required to put on a major exhibition. This will incur extra costs, but these are difficult to estimate, as it will depend to a great extent what the nature, scale and scope of the individuals practice is.
  • Parking on Campus: Charges are £2 a day. On average, full-time students are on campus 3 days a week.
  • Reading Lists: All core texts are available in the campus Library as a short loan, as a reference copy or as an e-book. Students do not need to buy their own texts, but may find it useful to have their own copy of some books. £100 should cover this. Discounts are available in high street stores if you have an NUS Extra Card (Search online for NUS Extra for more details
  • Students are charged for library resources that are not returned by the due date
  • In the second year of the course the professional practice module expects students to engage with an individual or organisation outside the university. Depending on where this is it could increase costs for a student. Students are to a large extent however in control of where this takes place.