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Course Costs - Event Management

University of Suffolk covers the costs of:

  • All essential Field Trips that form part of your assessment
  • Printing: Most assignments can be submitted online but not all. Students at our main campus in Ipswich students will be credited with the equivalent of £10 printing/copying at the start of each year. If required, additional printing is charged per sheet via a prepay system.
  • The first issue of your ID card although you will be charged £10 to replace a lost card
  • Reading Lists: All core texts are available in the campus Library as a short loan, as a reference copy or as an e-book
  • Interlibrary loans

Costs to prepare for:

  • Optional field trips: which cost between £50 and £150
  • Parking on Campus: Charges are £2 a day. On average, full-time students are on campus 3 days a week.
  • Students are charged for library resources that are not returned by the due date
  • You will be involved in work based activities but many of these reimburse travel expenses. If you do have to pay your own costs they are normally minimal as the placements are local.