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Course Costs - Design

University of Suffolk covers the costs of:

  • Printing: Students are given £5.00 printing credits at the beginning of each semester
  • Interlibrary loans
  • Reading Lists: All core texts are available in the campus Library as a short loan, as a reference copy or as an e-book. Students can also access the libraries at the main campus in Ipswich at other network partners. 
  • The first issue of your ID card although you will be charged £10 to replace a lost card
  • Parking on Campus: Lowestoft College does not charge students to park on campus. However, to be eligible to park you need to live more than 2 miles from the campus.

Costs to prepare for:

  • There are usually two optional field trips. European Field Trip on average costs £200 and this covers travel and accommodation. The Bradford trip costs £10 - £15 per student
  • Students are charged for library resources that are not returned by the due date
  • There is an optional placement and you would need to pay your own costs to get there
  • Course Materials costs – budget for £100 to £200 per year
  • You will also need to contribute to the end of year show, budget for £25 to £50