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Computer games designers amongst graduates receiving awards in first day of ceremonies

Hundreds of graduating students received their degree awards during the first day of ceremonies today.

Amongst them were two computer games design students who have already secured their dream jobs and are working in the industry.

Rares-Cristian Chirita-Filip and Maria Barte are now working for Ubisoft Bucharest in Romania after completing their degrees this summer.

The 22 year olds joined their peers at Ipswich Town Hall and Corn Exchange for the first of three graduation ceremonies this week.

Rares-Cristian said "When I looked at the university during the different international university fairs I went to, I saw two things: a very good game design course and a new university. Having only opened in 2007, I knew that they would have cool new ideas. I have indeed learned how to be a games designer, and the uni helped me to achieve my different career and to reach the personal and social goals I had."

"On the course I got to go to international games design competitions and had access to top-of-the-line technology. Long term, I want to I want to show that games are a form of art. I hope to be able to start an NGO in order to help children learn better and give disadvantaged teenagers the right skills to work in the industry."

As well as working as a junior games designer, Rares-Cristian also organizes regular boardgame design workshops in Bucharest. His passion for this comes from his belief that the game design culture needs to be popularised and it has been nurtured by similar workshops he held at Suffolk One, Suffolk New College and Lowestoft 6th Form College as a student.

Maria said "My degree let me realise that designing games was something I wanted to focus my energy into. It gave me both the theoretical information I needed and the practical opportunities to put the theory to work. I have been working with Ubisoft for the past two years during the summer breaks, building up relationships and gaining experience so at the end of my studies, I was in a good place to apply for a full time position."

"I would say to anyone thinking of university that it could be the best choice you take, for both your career and personal growth. During the time at uni you have time to discover yourself and your abilities and follow a path towards a job you will enjoy."