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Clearing doesn’t mean compromise


University of Suffolk campus buildings

Clearing sometimes sounds like a negative thing, but it really isn’t. Sometimes things don’t go to plan and that’s OK. Sometimes they do go to plan and you have a change of heart. Clearing doesn't have to mean compromise, it’s an opportunity to open doors to new ideas and paths.

I've thought of a few reasons why you shouldn’t just settle for the first option you come across in Clearing.

More time to research

University is a big move in your life! Going through Clearing allows you more time to decide on where you want to go, what subject you want to do or if you want a complete change from your initial plan. Think about your career ambitions (you don’t have to know exactly what you want to do, but it helps to have a couple of ideas). 

Consider all the options

Think about what modules you want to take. There may be a course that offers modules that your original choice didn’t, or a university that offers the same modules but in a more ideal location for you. There may be the opportunity for a professional placement, work experience or study abroad module, which can be great experiences to travel and gain important industry experience. Consider if these options are important for your choice of degree and university. 

Size and location all count

An important factor of university is where you study. How close to home do you want to be? Are you happy to live round the corner/commute or would you rather live further away? Consider the cost of travel if you are planning on living away and driving/catching the train home every weekend.

Is the university within a city, in a town or in the countryside, and which would you prefer?

What size university do you want to go to; are you more comfortable in a crowd or in a small class? These are all really important factors to think about, not just the subject you wish to study. 


The most important thing is to give yourself time to think. Clearing is open from 1 July 2019, so there's nothing stopping you from contacting universities now to see what courses are available and to have a chat about your circumstances. If you are sure you want to go through Clearing and you don't wish to attend your firm or insurance choice, you are able to go through Clearing now. 

Find out more about Clearing or call us for a chat on 01473 338352

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