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Christmas Shopping in Ipswich


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It is the season of giving! So why not give back to the community when shopping for your friends and family this year? Here are some of Ipswich’s local businesses that you can support while finding the perfect presents for your loved ones. 

Coffee Link 

Coffee link is a company that focuses on ethical farming and roasts its beans here in Suffolk. You can buy gadgets from their online store or bags of beans from their café on the waterfront. They have been selling coffee on Ipswich’s waterfront since 2006, why not try one while you’re there? 

The Hold Shop 

The Hold is a treasured community space in Ipswich, hosting events for schools, artists and historians with lots of help from volunteers. Built in partnership with the University of Suffolk, Suffolk County Council and other funders, it houses over 9000 historical documents.  Inside the shop, you can find cards, notebooks and bookmarks that boast the county’s history (perfect for any proud born-and-bred Suffolk relatives). Or, if you have any little cousins or nieces/ nephews, you can choose from a variety of science sets, kids' books and craft kits (their parents will thank you for not bringing more plastic into their house!). 

Miss Quirky Kicks 

Probably Ipswich’s most popular shop with University and College students alike. Easily spotted by its aquamarine exterior, Miss Quirky Kicks is an emporium of all things cute and spiritual. Their variety of jewellery is astounding and adorable, ranging from mushrooms, suns, moons, Pokémon and gummy bears. This is my go-to shop when buying presents for my friends (and presents for myself). 

Charity Shops 

You can make a whole day of looking around the Charity shops in Ipswich, there’s The Salvation Army, the British Heart Foundation and Sense to name a few. Charity shops are run by local volunteers and prevent perfectly good items from being dumped in landfills. Second-hand books and items found in the bric-a-brac section, such as candles and mugs, make great presents. Another benefit of shopping locally is the reduced carbon footprint! I know, having boxes delivered to your house and pile up at your front door is exciting but it’s important to prioritise the planet! 

Sacred Earth 

This shop is like Miss Quirky Kicks on steroids. They even have a section on their website labelled ‘esoteric supplies’, esoteric meaning only to be understood by a small group of knowledgeable people. So, if you want something truly unique, this is the place to go. They sell herbal preparations, handmade cloaks, books on witchcraft, statues and incense. 

When you buy from a small business you are helping make someone’s dream a reality! Swap the scrolling for a stroll around Ipswich town this December! 

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