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Centre for the Study of Children and Childhood (CSCC)

Centre Leaders:  Dr Allison Boggis, Dr Sarah Richards, Dr Sarah Coombs and Jessica Clark

The Centre for the Study of Children and Childhoods (CSCC) is devoted to the exploration and research of children and childhoods. It is an interdisciplinary centre that acts as a catalyst and facilitator for research, education and training, policy development, media engagement and community awareness.

Founded in 2012 as the Unit for the Study of Childhood and Youth (USCY) the Centre provides a focal point for the interdisciplinary study of children and childhood at regional, national and international contexts. The Centre is based upon the successful and high profile work of interdisciplinary academics across the University and our ambition is to build upon the successful International Childhoods Conference (2013, 2015, and 2017), the online journal Childhood Remixed, and a growing community of post-graduate and doctoral students.

The Centre is a lively and collaborative space for bringing together established academics, early career researchers, policy makers, students, and the wider community through conferences, exhibitions, funded research, teaching and learning events, continuing professional development and scholarly publications. The centre contributes to regional development through engagement with local communities, including funded research endeavours and continuing professional development opportunities. The aim is to extend theoretical, ethical, and methodological conversations into new territories that can inform contemporary practice, policy and academic debate. The centre aims to bring together the diverse disciplines that explore children’s lives, including sociology, health studies, disability studies, social policy, education, anthropology, and psychology.

CSCC has four primary aims:

  • To further research with children and in childhoods;
  • To provide education and training for undergraduates, postgraduates, academics and practitioners;
  • To enhance social policy understanding;
  • To encourage community engagement.

Locally and nationally, research and teaching links are being forged with health professionals, educationalists, local government, charities, business and the media. Internationally, we are aiming for collaborative research projects, involving Visiting Professors and researchers.


The objectives for the Centre for the Study of Children and Childhoods (CSCC):

  • To create a vibrant space for knowledge sharing and evaluation
  • To celebrate the interdisciplinary nature of research in childhood and with children
  • To build effective partnerships and networks in the field of childhood research, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • To provide high-quality and responsive continuing professional development
  • To provide a forum in which funded research can be developed collaboratively by academics from diverse schools
  • To promote and evaluate participatory research with children
  • To continue to provide space to enhance the thriving post graduate community

Centre activities

The Centre hosts our immensely successful and income generating, International Childhoods Conference (2013, 2015, 2017), which brings hundreds of academics from dozens of international communities to the University of Suffolk.

CSCC acts as the editorial office of Childhood Remixed, an online journal promoting the interdisciplinary study of children and childhoods.

The intention is that CSCC will officially launch on the 25th anniversary of Childhood Studies at the University of Suffolk, where Early Childhood Studies in the UK was founded. Throughout the anniversary year of 2018-19 there will be a number of celebratory scholarly events, community events and student led events.

There are a range of collaborative scholarly outputs from the centre, with further news on individual publications to follow.

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